Colombier Barrier Coating

ColombierBarrierCoating is Canada’s #1 free-to-use resource on the legality of online gambling. The fully functioning informational website provides the clients with the knowledge they need to assist the players in making an informed decision in picking the right casino, understanding the legality and implications of unsafe online gambling, different payment options, and the step-by-step process of registering and playing securely.

Online Gambling

Online gambling in Canada has seen a recent boom which can be attributed to the ease of internet access and the prominence of smart devices such as phones and laptops. Add to this the lax laws of Canada in monitoring online gambling, which is a recipe for the rapid growth in popularity. 

Canada’s #1 Resource

As the online gambling and casinos industry grows, the sheer amount of unsafe and unregulated casinos also grows. The sudden boom in the online casino industry in Canada is why ColombierBarrierCoating provides the needed information to players to avoid these unsafe spaces. Players are linked to more credible and trusted casinos to ensure that they play in legally allowed places.

The Best Online Casinos

By focusing on the customer’s trust in our services, we avoid instances of them using not secure and unsafe methods of payment and payouts. We point them towards the right casinos that do not require illegal offshore transactions. By being secure and educating our players, we also help mitigate the risk of any disputes in payment. Mandatory player protection and services are normally required in legal and licensed casinos. Thus, the safety of players is guaranteed in our recommendations. Recommendations like which banks are the best and most hassle-free experience are among one the few suggestions we have on the website.

Educating Canadian Citizens

We aim to educate Canadian citizens about gambling through the information on our website, free-to-use as a form of public service. We provide only the latest information and updates on casinos and all things related to our players to give them more reliable sources of information and help them make better and more informed decisions for higher chances of success in gambling. For tips, information, and more – you can sign up for our weekly newsletter, where you can receive updated information in addition to special deals and limited promotions.

Encouraging Responsible Gambling

Teaching our players what to look out for in choosing the right online gambling spot for them, we strive to educate them to be more vigilant about the decisions they make. One of these decisions involves being able to choose which banks in Canada are incredibly useful, especially when depositing money to play in online casinos. Improving our relations with players and putting their trust as our priority, we help them avoid risky businesses and grant them the particular knowledge they need for higher chances of success.

Learn about the Legality of Online Gambling

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